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    V6110MC EVA LDPE for Shoes
    • V6110MC EVA LDPE for Shoes

    V6110MC EVA LDPE for Shoes


    Water resistance: closed cell structure, non-absorbent, moisture-proof, good water resistance.

    Corrosion resistance: Resistant to corrosion by seawater, grease, acid, alkali and other chemicals, antibacterial, non-toxic, odorless

    Anti-shock: It has high elasticity and tensile strength, strong toughness, and good shock-proof performance.

    Thermal insulation: heat insulation, heat preservation and cold protection, and can withstand severe cold and exposure to the sun.


    Films, sheets and laminated products: have sealing, adhesiveness, softness, toughness and tightness, suitable for elastic packaging films, heat shrinkable films, agricultural films, food packaging films, and laminated films.

    General supplies: It has the advantages of flexibility, resistance to environmental stress cracking, and good weather resistance. It is suitable for industrial materials such as power wire insulation bags, household appliance accessories, window sealing materials.

    Daily groceries: include sporting goods, toys, cushions, straps, sealed container lids, EVA rubber footballs.

    Auto parts: shock absorbers, fenders, interior and exterior decorative accessories.

    Foam products: Pressurized foam includes foam slippers, sandals, building materials, etc. Injection molding foam has various industrial parts, women's shoe soles, hot melt adhesives.

    In conclusion, EVA LDPE V6110MC is a high-quality plastic material with superior toughness, dimensional stability, processability, and thermal stability. Because of its adaptability and broad range of uses, it is an excellent solution for a variety of industries, including automotive, packaging, and consumer goods. Its adherence to numerous industry standards also makes it a safe and dependable choice for usage in culinary and medical applications.

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