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    Linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) is a copolymer  produced by polymerization of ethylene and α-olefin (such as  butene-1, hexene-1) at low pressure. It is low and medium density  polyethylene with short chains branching. LLDPE has a narrow  molecular weight distribution.

    LLDPE has penetrated most traditional markets for polyethylene, including film, molding, pipe, and wire and cable. Anti-leakage mulch is a newly developed LLDPE market. Mulch, a large extruded sheet used as landfill and waste pool liners to prevent seepage or contamination of surrounding areas.

    Some of the film markets for LLDPE, such as the production of bags, garbage bags, elastic packaging, industrial liners, towel liners and shopping bags, take advantage of this resin's improved strength and toughness. Transparent film. Penetration resistance and stiffness of LDPE films without significantly affecting film clarity. Injection molding and rotational molding are the two largest molding applications for LLDPE. The resin's superior toughness and low temperature, impact strength are ideal for waste bins, toys and refrigerated appliances. In addition, LLDPE's high resistance to environmental stress cracking makes it suitable for injection molded lids that come into contact with oily foods, rotomolded waste containers, fuel tanks, and chemical tanks. The market for applications in pipe and wire and cable coatings is smaller, where the high burst strength and environmental stress crack resistance offered by LLDPE suffice. 65%~70% of LLDPE is used to make films. [1] 

    The LLDPE polymer produced by the copolymerization process has a narrower molecular weight distribution than general LDPE, and at the same time has a linear structure that makes it have different rheological properties. The melt flow characteristics of LLDPE meet the requirements of new processes, especially with film extrusion process, which can produce high-quality LLDPE products. LLDPE is used in all of the traditional markets for polyethylene and has enhanced tensile, penetration, impact and tear resistance properties. Its excellent resistance to environmental stress cracking, low temperature impact resistance and warpage resistance make LLDPE attractive for pipe, sheet extrusion and all molding applications. The latest application of LLDPE is as a mulch for landfills and linings for waste ponds.

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