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    A terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene, and styrene, A for acrylonitrile, B for butadiene, and S for styrene. Acrylonitrile- butadiene - styrene copolymer (ABS) is a thermoplastic polymer material with high strength, good toughness and easy processing.

    The material properties

    ABS resin is a graft copolymer composed of acrylonitrile, 1, 3-butadiene and styrene. Its molecular formula can be written as (C8H8)x·(C4H6) Y ·(C3H3N) Z. The product has the characteristics of high strength and low weight. Opaque, light ivory color, non-toxic, tasteless, both tough, hard, rigid characteristics, slow combustion, flame yellow, black smoke, burning plastic softening, charred, issued a special smell of cinnamon, but no melting dripping phenomenon. It is a commonly used engineering plastic. Molding shrinkage rate: 0.4-0.7%, molding temperature: 200-240℃, drying condition: 80-90℃/2 hours. ABS resin is a yellowish solid with a certain toughness and a density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3. It is resistant to acid, alkali, salt corrosion ability is relatively strong, but also to a certain extent to tolerate organic solvent dissolution. ABS resin electroplating can perform normally in the -25℃~60℃ environment, and has good molding, the processed product surface is smooth, easy to dye and electroplating. Therefore, it can be used in household appliances, toys and other everyday products. ABS resin can be mixed with a variety of resins into blends, such as PC/ABS, ABS/PVC, PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, etc., resulting in new performance and new application fields, such as: ABS resin and PMMA mixed, can make transparent ABS resin.

    The chemical characteristics

    1. The comprehensive performance is good, the impact strength is high, the chemical stability, the electrical performance is good.

    2. With 372 plexiglass fusion good, made of two-color plastic parts, and can be surface chrome plating, paint processing.

    3. High impact resistance, high heat resistance, flame retardant, enhanced, transparent and other grades.

    4. Fluidity is less than HIPS, better than PMMA, PC and so on, good flexibility.

    ABS resin to maintain the good performance and easy processing formability of styrene, and increase the elasticity, strength of butadiene (features), heat resistance and corrosion resistance, excellent properties (acrylonitrile), and high surface hardness, good chemical resistance, by changing the proportion of these three components at the same time, can change the properties of the ABS, ABS engineering plastics have wide applications.


    ABS is largely used in the production of components and parts of electrical household appliances and equipments, including the shells, linings and spare parts of TV sets, recorders, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, water dispensers, telephones and electric fans, etc. It can also be used to make gears, impellers, bearings, handles, pipes and panels used in the machinery industry. It is also used in the automobile industry to make dashboards, splashboards and armrests. ABS is also widely used in the production of cases, bags, office equipments, duplicating machines, toys, food packaging vessels and furnitures. Products made from ABS can be re-processed through galvanization, welding and coating to make ornaments as substitutes of metals.

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