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    High density polyethylene-GC 7260
    • High density polyethylene-GC 7260
    • High density polyethylene-GC 7260
    • High density polyethylene-GC 7260

    High density polyethylene-GC 7260

    HS Code:3902100090

    Melt Flow Rate:8.2 g/10min

    Grade:Injection molding grade




    Plastic is the high density polyethylene, cleanliness is very high, in the present life and industrial production process has been widely recognized, for its excellent quality, at the same time also play in a variety of purposes, good heat resistance and cold resistance of HDPE plastic has very good stability, the melting temperature is very high, 200-250 degrees, So there is no need to worry about heating and causing some toxic and harmful to human body, and there is no other taste, and the direction of use is quite extensive.

    In life some of our plastic products are manufactured by hdpe plastic, such as some common product such as turnover box and ice cap and the bucket, are all need to be done by the plastic production, otherwise unable to achieve purpose, especially such as all kinds of food containers and plastic bins and decorative plastic artificial flowers, is also inseparable from the material, Therefore, it provides a very good variety of plastic products for our life.

    Through the rotary processing process and into some large containers, such as very large storage tanks or barrels and boxes series of products, these injection products also need to be added through HDPE plastic, in order to become stable in nature, in life to be more practical, highlighting its main purpose of use.

    HDPE injection plastic products are used to make beer boxes, beverage boxes, food boxes, vegetable boxes, poultry egg boxes and other turnover boxes, can also be used to make plastic trays, storage containers, household utensils, daily groceries and thin-walled food containers, and can also be used to make industrial barrels, dustbins, toys, etc. In addition, it can use extruding-molding method and injection molding method to produce bottle caps for filling pure water, mineral water, tea drinks, fruit juice drinks and so on.

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                                                  Quality Certificate


    Trademark:   Kunlun                  Product Brand: THS GC 7260

    Product Name: HDPE-GC7260               Number: 20210910HDPE003





    Test Methods

    Meltmass-flow rate,g/10min



    GB/T 3682.1




    GB/T 1033. 2

    Big grains and small grainsg/kg



    SH/T 1541. 1

    Color and black spot granule, a /kg



    SH/T 1541. 1

    Tensile stress at yield,MPa



    GB/T 1040. 2

    Nominal tensile strain at break , %



    GB/T 1040.2

    Charpy impact strength,KJ/m2



    GB/T 1043.1

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