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    Polypropylene -EP533N Injection molding grade
    • Polypropylene -EP533N Injection molding grade
    • Polypropylene -EP533N Injection molding grade
    • Polypropylene -EP533N Injection molding grade

    Polypropylene -EP533N Injection molding grade

    HS code: 3902100090

    Melt flow rate: 31.6  g/10min

    Grade: Injection molding grade

    Packing: 25KG/BAGS

    Brand: Sinopec

    High flow low odor automotive polypropylene products

      The high flow and low odor vehicle polypropylene (PP) product PP EP533N was developed at 300,000 T/A Sphripol twin-ring process unit of Lanzhou Petrochemical Company.  The performance of PP EP533N products is comparable to that of similar products by controlling the amount of H2, the content of comonomer and the operation parameters of loop, gas phase reactor, flash line and evaporator.  PP EP533N products are applied to instrument panel and automobile door panel, and all the performances meet the requirements of users.

    Application scope of polypropylene

               Main Applications PP impact copolymer is widely used in the production of industrial products, such as dashboard, auto interior decorations, auto bumpers, interior and exterior parts of washing machine, accumulator containers and tanks. It can also be used to make household articles, such as bottle caps, cookware, furniture, toys, toolkits, travel cases, bags and various packaging containers.

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                    Petrochina Lanzhou Petrochemical Company

    Quality Certificate


    Production of trademark: Kunlun                  Product Brand: EP533N    

    Product Name: Polypropylene resin             Product Number:R35-12-165/A 2021-05-077        

    Implementation standard: Q/SY LS0202-2021  





    Test Methods

    Granular appearance;

    Black spots and color grains, a /kg



    SH/T 1541. 1

    Melt mass-flow rate,g/10min



    GB/T 3682.1-2018        230/2.16kg

    Tensile stress at yield,MPa



    GB/T 1040. 2

    Flexural modulus,MPa



    GB/T 9341

    Charpy Notched impact strength(23),KJ/m2



    GB/T 1043.1

    yellow colour index



    HG/T 3862

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