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    LDPE 955 Coating for Extrusion Lamination
    • LDPE 955 Coating for Extrusion Lamination

    LDPE 955 Coating for Extrusion Lamination


    LDPE is usually a polymer obtained by polymerization of ethylene as monomer under high pressure of 98.0~294MPa with oxygen or organic peroxide as initiator.


    LDPE molecular chain has long and short branch chains. Crystallinity is low, the molecular weight is generally 5~ 500,000, it is a milky white translucent waxy solid resin, non-toxic. Softening point is low, more than the softening point is melting, its hot fusion, molding processing performance is very good, good softness, impact toughness, low temperature resistance is very good, excellent electrical insulation.

    HANWHA LDPE 955 Uses:

    HANWHA LDPE 955 is mainly used in: coating applications, paper coatings, packaging materials.

    Low density polyethylene (LDPE) is suitable for a variety of thermoplastic molding processes. Good molding processability, such as injection molding, extrusion, blow molding, rotary molding, coating, foaming process, hot forming, hot air welding, hot welding, etc.

    LDPE is mainly used as film products, such as agricultural film, ground covering film, agricultural film, vegetable greenhouse film, etc. Packaging film such as candy, vegetables, frozen food packaging; Blow molded film for liquid packaging (milk, soy sauce, juice. Tofu, soy milk); Heavy packaging bag, shrink packaging film, elastic film, lining film; Construction film, general industrial packaging film and food bags, etc.

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