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    Film Grade LLDPE 7047 for packaging bag.
    • Film Grade LLDPE 7047 for packaging bag.
    • Film Grade LLDPE 7047 for packaging bag.

    Film Grade LLDPE 7047 for packaging bag.


    LLDPE 7047 is highly impact resistant, flexible, has a high tensile strength, and is puncture resistant.Additionally, it is immune to breaking caused by chemicals, UV light, and environmental stress. LLDPE 7047 is frequently utilized in a variety of sectors due to its great characteristics.


    Production of packaging products: One of the most widespread applications of LLDPE 7047 is in the packaging industry, where its excellent stress resistance and flexibility make it an ideal material for packaging products that need to withstand rough handling during transportation and storage. In addition, LLDPE 7047's high level of hygiene and safety is also used in food packaging.

    Construction Industry: LLDPE 7047 is resistant to chemicals and UV radiation, making it an ideal material for construction projects requiring durability and resistance to environmental factors. It is thus commonly used in the production of architectural membranes, water barriers, and geomembranes.

    Agricultural production: LLDPE 7047 is puncture-resistant and flexible, making it suitable for agricultural applications such as greenhouse films, silage bags, and mulch films. It also has strong UV resistance, making it suitable for usage in outdoor areas.

    Finally, LLDPE 7047 is a versatile material that can be utilized in a variety of industries. As a result of its superior mechanical qualities, resistance to chemicals and UV rays, and high degree of safety and hygienic standards, It is a very valuable commodity for many businesses due to its uses in the building, agriculture, and packaging industries.

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