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    Which products are most suitable for container bags as transport packaging

    2022-09-16 14:41:04  News

    The Internet has changed the world, and transportation is the second step to connect the world more closely. The third step is to find the right transporting packaging for your products. This blog post will discuss what products can be packaged in bulk bags.

    In terms of providing a safe bulk transportation method, the Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) has withstood the test of time. These bags have been in use since the 1940s, although the current bags have been greatly improved. So, if you plan to transport bulk goods, here are 10 uses of FIBCs that are most suitable for bulk transportation.



    1. Fine powder transportation

    The film-coated container bag itself has good leak-proof performance, which can meet the packaging requirements of most powdered products. If you want better leak-proof performance, then polyethylene lining will meet your needs very well.


    2. Food grade products transportation

    The transportation of food-grade products, such as grains, cane sugar, vegetables, flour, etc., often has high hygiene and safety requirements. FIBC can meet its transport packaging requirements while ensuring hygiene and safety. Dema's food-grade container bags are made of polypropylene materials that can directly contact food. They are dust-free production and dust-free packaging. It is a cost-effective choice for transportation and packaging of food-grade products.


    3. Transportation of pharmaceutical products

    Pharmaceutical products require higher hygiene standards and environmental standards for transport packaging. Therefore, Dema's FIBC can be controlled from the production of raw materials, and the special polyethylene lining bonding process ensures that your products are safely delivered to customers in the most economical packaging method.


    4. Transportation of chemical products

    Chemicals in powder or granular form are usually required to be moisture-proof, leak-proof and dirt-proof. Coated polypropylene container bags can meet this requirement well. The polyethylene lining adds a second layer of protection against moisture and pollution to your products. At the same time, the container bag has a sufficient load-bearing safety factor and is convenient to load and unload. It can be used as the best choice for the transportation and packaging of most powdery and granular chemical products.


    5. Transportation of agricultural products

    Fertilizers, dry storage feeds and other related agricultural products often require convenient and economical transportation and packaging. While the container bag meets the above requirements, it also has the advantages of large loading capacity, easy storage, and convenient logistics turnover. The universal polyethylene lining can meet your moisture-proof and leak-proof requirements very well.



    6. Transportation of building materials

    The turnover and transportation of construction materials such as sand, cement, and stone is not an easy task. These materials require transportation and packaging to have good safety and load-bearing characteristics, convenient transportation, convenient manual and mechanical loading and unloading, and low price. Dema has rich design and production experience in the container bag of these materials, and can provide a good container bag packaging scheme according to your needs.


    7. Transportation of mineral products

    After initial processing such as crushing and screening, the powdered or granular primary products can be packed into bulk bags to meet local environmental protection requirements during the process of transporting to the factory where they are used. It can also reduce material loss during the transfer process and maintain the purity of its products. At the same time to the seller and create value and profit.

    8. Transportation of petrochemical products

    Flammable petrochemical products can be packed in special anti-static bulk bags during transportation, which can ensure safe storage while ensuring transportation safety, thereby greatly reducing the risk of fire and the safety of operators.


    9. Transportation of plastic products

    Choosing container bags as transportation packaging for granular and powdered plastic raw materials and recycled materials can save costs, facilitate transportation, prevent product contamination, and is also convenient for customers to use. The most important point is high transportation efficiency and low cost.


    10. Transportation of wood

    For logs, FIBC is definitely not the best way of transportation and packaging. But for wood chips and wood blocks, FIBC is undoubtedly a good choice. From the perspective of cost, or from the perspective of safe transportation and use, FIBC can definitely meet your needs.

    As a professional FIBC bag manufacturer, we provide you with professional flxeible intermediate container solutions. At the same time, we also provide FIBC bag manufacturers with polypropylene raw materials, polypropylene textile fabrics and other bulk bag related materials. Dema Import and Export will provide you with cost-effective jumbo bag and PP woven sacks with first-class quality and service. Welcome your inquiry.

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