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    Fiber Grade PP S2040 for Liners and Protection Equipment

    Fiber Grade PP S2040 for Liners and Protection Equipment

    S2040 is a homopolymer polypropylene resin with low ash content, high isotacticity and narrow molecular weight distribution. Excellent fluidity and spinnability make it more suitable for the production of fibers with low weight, high softness and high tensile strength. It is mainly used in the production of spunbond non-woven fabrics for various functions.

    Application areas

    1. Packaging industry: Polypropylene is widely used in various packaging materials, such as plastic bags, packaging films, bottle caps etc. It has good resistance to cracking and deformation, and can meet the requirements of packaging materials for protective transparency and heat resistance.

    2. Textile industry: Used to make textiles, such as ropes, socks, carpets, etc. PP fiber has good wear resistance, breathability and quick drying, and is easy to dye and process.

    3. Medical field: Widely used in medical devices, surgical supplies and medical catheters.application. Its chemical stability and high transparency make it an ideal material for making medical devices.

    4. Construction industry: In the construction field, polypropylene is used to make various pipes, moisture-proof materials, insulation materials, etc. It is weather- and corrosion-resistant and meets the strength and durability requirements of building materials.

    5. lectronics industry: It is used as a packaging material and insulation material for electronic components in the electronics field. Its physical properties and chemical stability enable it to meet the requirements of electronic packaging materials.

    To sum up, it has a variety of excellent physical and chemical properties and is widely used in packaging, textiles, medical, construction, electronics and other fields. With the advancement of science and technology and the development of material technology, the application of polypropylene will be further expanded and improved.

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