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    Polypropylene raffia grade - L5E89
    • Polypropylene raffia grade - L5E89
    • Polypropylene raffia grade - L5E89
    • Polypropylene raffia grade - L5E89

    Polypropylene raffia grade - L5E89

    Sinopec PP yarn grade has excellent tensile properties and good processability. It is principally used in the production of plastics woven products.

    HS code:3902100090

    Melt flow rate:3.5±0.5g/10min

    Grade:Raffia grade



    Applications of Product

    PP yarn grade is widely used in the production of woven bags, colored stripe cloth for sunlight shading or covering use, carpet backing (base fabric), container bags, tarpaulin and ropes. Products made from this resin are mainly used as packages for food, chemical fertilizer, cement, sugar, salt, industrial feedstock and ores.

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    Datang Inner Mongolia Duolun Coal Chemical Co., Ltd.

                                  Product Quality Certificate


    Sample brand: Polypropylene L5E89                               Sampling location:D-8415

    Sampling time:2019-09-24                                              Sampler:Chencong

    Test time2019-09-24                                                   Implementation standard:Q/DL DTC 001-2018

    Batch number:201909010                                               Batch:275t

    Analysis Item


    Test Result

    Test Method

    Granulars appearance:

    Black pellet,g/kg


    Color pellet,g/kg


    Big and small pellet,g/kg



    SH/T 1541-2006



    SH/T 1541-2006



    SH/T 1541-2006

    Melt mass flow rate,g/10min



    GB/T 3682.1-2008

    Isotactic index,%



    GB/T 2412-2008




    GB/T 9345.1-2008

    Tensile stress at yield,MPa



    GB/T 1040.2-2006

    Yellow index



    HG/T 3862-2006

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