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    RG568MO Random Copolymer for Injection Moulding
    • RG568MO Random Copolymer for Injection Moulding

    RG568MO Random Copolymer for Injection Moulding

    Product Details

    • With antistatic additives, it is made for high-speed injection molding at low temperatures.

    • Outstanding features include mold release, excellent transparency, strong impact strength at room temperature, outstanding sensory appeal, and attractive color.

    • Made in UAE


    • Transparent containers

    • Hinge Closures

    • Food storage containers

    • Storage boxes

    • Media Packaging

    • Pumps and closure assemblies

    • Lids


    Improved colour and excellent transparency 

    Good impact strength Good gloss High melt flow


    It is recommended that RG568MO be stored in a dry environment with protection from UV light and below 50°C in temperature. Improper storage can start a deterioration process that affects the product's physical qualities and causes color changes and odor creation. 

    See the product's Safety Information Sheet (SIS) for more storage information.

    The injection molding process is highly automated and can produce containers in large quantities with consistent quality. PP RG568MO is a reliable material for producing transparent containers due to its good flow properties and transparency, making it a popular choice in the packaging industry.

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