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     Fibc Bulk Bag Coal PP Jumbo Bag 1000-2000kg for  Sand Powder
    •  Fibc Bulk Bag Coal PP Jumbo Bag 1000-2000kg for  Sand Powder

    Fibc Bulk Bag Coal PP Jumbo Bag 1000-2000kg for Sand Powder

    Product specifications:110*110*135cm

    Product fabric: white 165gsm  Dual diameter base cloth

    Product process:The diameter of the lower orifice is 35 centimeters, the diameter of the upper orifice is 40-40 centimeters, and the tying rope needs 50 centimeters

    Label bag size:four hanging 30-60-30cm

    Safety factor:5:1/6:1/or as customer's requirement

    What is a ton bag?

    Ton bags are also known as flexible container bags, space bags, big bags, bulk bags, and other nicknames, but the name is slightly different. A container is used primarily to hold individual appliances that can be transported and unloaded using a crane or forklift. It has the characteristics of large volume, lightweight, convenient loading, unloading, and transportation. Due to the diversity of demand, we have developed an aluminum-plastic ton bag, aluminum foil container bag, aluminum foil ton bag, aluminum-plastic container bag, high-temperature resistant ton bag, etc., which is more common in the field of packaging materials.

    What's your product Range?

    1. Jumbo bag/ ton bag/ pp big bag/ super sack/ pp container bag.
    2. Plastic woven bag,poly-woven bag.
    3. Semi-finished product of all above(pp material, pp fabric, pp webbing, pp liner, Sewing thread, Leakproof sliver)

    Do you have stock products to sell?

    No ,We work on OEM orders. That means size material quantity packaging solution,etc will depend on your requests. 

    You need to tell us?

    If you don't know what bag shape you need, you can refer to the following questions to give us as much information as possible:

    1. The size? (such as 90 x90x100cm)
    2. The type? (such as: Top filling spout, flat bottom)
    3. Usage? (Such as packing rice.)

    4. Loading capacity? (Such as: 1000kg)

    5. UV stabilizer or not?

    6. Moisture proof or not?
    7. Do you need printing? if so please provide more details with photos.

    8. The destination port, and FOB or CIF price?
    And some other requirements that you want to tell us.

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    DescriptionFIBC/Jumbo bag/bulk bag/ pp big bag/Flexible container bag professional manufacturer
    Type of bagTubular/Circular/U-panel shape//Rectangular
    Material100% Virgin PP
    TopFull open/Filling spout/Top skirt/Duffle
    BottomFlat/plain/with discharge spout
    LinerLiner(HDPE, LDPE) or Customized
    Lifting loopCross-corner loops/4 Point 2 Strap lifting loop/Double Stevedore Strap/with belt/Fully belt loop/Loop in loop
    SewingPlain/chain/chain lock with optional soft-proof
    Ropes1 or 2 around the bag body/customized
    SF5:1/6:1/or as customer's requirement
    TreatmentUV treated or not UV treated
    Surface DealingCoated or plain,printing or no printing
    UsageStorage and packing
    Yarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film
    Delivery time15-30 days
    CertificationISO22000, ISO9001, ISO14001, LABORDATA, etc.

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