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    PP Woven Fabric Rolls


    100% Polypropylene








    UV treated or not UV treated

    Surface Dealing:

    Anti-slip or plain

    Container bag full name flexible container bag, also known as large bag, ton packaging bag, is a soft, tortuous packaging container, is made of folding adhesive cloth, resin processing cloth and other soft materials made of large volume transport bag. Generally polypropylene or polyethylene as the main raw material, after extrusion film, cutting, wire drawing, and then by weaving, cutting, sewing. This kind of packaging is not only beneficial to improve the loading and unloading efficiency, especially suitable for the packing of bulk powder and granular goods, conducive to promote the normalization and serialization of bulk goods packaging, reduce transportation costs, but also has the advantages of easy packaging, storage and low cost. Especially suitable for mechanized operation, it is the ideal choice for storage, packaging and transportation. It can be widely used for highway, railway and sea transportation of bulk materials such as cement, chemical fertilizer, salt, sugar, chemical raw materials, ore and so on. Therefore, in recent years, all countries in the world have widely used container bags to transport powder and granular goods. The appearance and use of container bags is a qualitative revolution in the way of shipment of powdery and granular goods

    Processing:Yarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film


    Usage:Storage and packing

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    DescriptionFIBC/Jumbo bag/bulk bag/ pp big bag/Flexible container bag professional manufacturer
    Type of bagTubular/Circular/U-panel shape//Rectangular
    Material100% Virgin PP
    TopFull open/Filling spout/Top skirt/Duffle
    BottomFlat/plain/with discharge spout
    LinerLiner(HDPE, LDPE) or Customized
    Lifting loopCross-corner loops/4 Point 2 Strap lifting loop/Double Stevedore Strap/with belt/Fully belt loop/Loop in loop
    SewingPlain/chain/chain lock with optional soft-proof
    Ropes1 or 2 around the bag body/customized
    SF5:1/6:1/or as customer's requirement
    TreatmentUV treated or not UV treated
    Surface DealingCoated or plain,printing or no printing
    UsageStorage and packing
    Yarn drawing-Circular weaving/Webbing-Quality inspection-Coating-Film
    Delivery time15-30 days

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    • Bags with polypropylene as the main raw material, add a small amount of the stability of the seasoning after mixing, the extruder melt extrusion plastic film, cut into silk, stretch, then through the heat setting made of high strength and low elongation PP, then through textile, drench membrane plastic woven cloth base cloth, and the harness fittings such as suture is made after tons of bags.
    • ​Container bag is also known as flexible container bag, ton bag, space bag, etc., is a kind of container unit appliance, with a crane or forklift, can realize the container unit transportation, it is suitable for the shipment of bulk powder granular materials. Container bag is a kind of flexible transport packaging container, widely used in food, grain, medicine, chemical, mineral products and other powdery, granular, massive goods transport packaging, developed countries commonly use container bags as transportation, storage packaging products

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