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    High impact polystyrene-HIEM
    • High impact polystyrene-HIEM
    • High impact polystyrene-HIEM
    • High impact polystyrene-HIEM

    High impact polystyrene-HIEM

    HS code: 3903199000

    Melt flow rate: 4.4  g/10min

    Grade: High impact polystyrene

    Packing: 25KG/BAGS

    Brand: Sinopec


    Sinopec is able to produce general-purpose PS (GPPS) and highimpact PS (HIPS). These resins are widely used in automobiles, electronic and electrical appliances, apparatus parts, buildings, medical care, etc. GPPS can be used to make daily necessities, electrical instrument shells, toys, lamps, cosmetic containers, decorations, optical parts (such as triangular prisms and lens), auto headlights, telecom accessories, capacitor films, highfrequency insulating materials, waveguide tubes, chemical vessels, structural foam products, etc. HIPS can be used to make shells of electrical household appliances, refrigerator lining, plates, TV sets, recorders, telephone body cases, stationary, toys, packaging vessels, daily necessities, dishware, etc.

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    Product Quality Certificate

    Production of trademark: Kunlun           Product Number: 2021061 IPS 11179

    Product Name: polystyrene resin                  Product Brand: HIEM


    Standard Value


    Test Methods

    Granular appearance; a /kg



    SH/T 1541-2006

    Melt mass-flow rate,g/10min

    3. 9-5.7


    GB/T 3682-2000

    Tensile stress at yield,MPa

    actual measurement

    25. 7

    GB/T 1040. 2-2006

    Dimension K. softening point.

    Dimension K. softening point. R



    GB/T 1633-2000

    Charpy Notched impact strength(23),KJ/m2



    GB/T 1043.1-2008

    yellow indexZ-Y



    ASTM E313

    Residual styrene monomer10-6WT),10'6wt



    GB/T 16867-1997



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    • General-purpose polystyrene is a thermoplastic resin, colorless, odorless, tasteless and shiny, transparent beads or granular solid. Density 1.04 ~ 1.09, transparency 88% ~ 92%, refractive index 1.59 ~ 1.60. The melting temperature of the product is 150 ~ 180℃, the thermal decomposition temperature is 300℃, the thermal deformation temperature is 70 ~ 100℃, and the long-term use temperature is 60 ~ 80℃. At 5 ~ 6℃ lower than the thermal deformation temperature, the stress can be eliminated and the thermal deformation temperature can be increased after annealing treatment. If a little α -methyl styrene is added in the production process, the heat resistance grade of universal polystyrene can be improved.

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