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    Blow Molding HDPE TR571 for Water Tank
    • Blow Molding HDPE TR571 for Water Tank
    • Blow Molding HDPE TR571 for Water Tank

    Blow Molding HDPE TR571 for Water Tank


    On the one hand, HDPE TR571 has good rigidity and impact resistance, making it perfect for building shipping and handling containers. On the other hand, because it has high melt flow qualities, it can be treated more easily in a blow molding machine. Besides, TR571 has good environmental crack resistance (ESCR), which means it will not crack when subjected to environmental pressures such as chemicals or ultraviolet light. Futhermore,TR571 is also resistant to chemicals such as acids, alkalis, and solvents. Strong corrosion resistance, excellent for the packaging of a wide range of chemicals and dangerous substances.


    Bottles and Containers: commonly utilized in the manufacture of bottles and containers in the food, beverage, personal care, household products, and other industries. HDPE TR571 blow-molded bottles and containers are lightweight, resilient, impact-resistant, chemical-resistant, and UV-resistant.

    Industrial barrels: Used to produce industrial barrels for storing and transporting chemicals, petroleum products and other hazardous substances.

    Toys and sporting goods: Used in the manufacture of toys and sporting goods such as footballs, basketballs and Frisbees.

    To sum up, QAPCO HDPE TR571 is a versatile resin with high mechanical qualities, chemical resistance, and impact resistance that may be used in a range of blow molding applications. Bottles and containers, industrial barrels, toys, and athletic items are all common uses for this material.


    Store in a dry place. Store in a ventilated place. Do not store together with oxidizing and pyrophoric products.

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