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    High density polyethylene 5502
    • High density polyethylene 5502
    • High density polyethylene 5502
    • High density polyethylene 5502

    High density polyethylene 5502

    HS Code :


    Melt flow rate: 



    Blow Molding Grade





    Applications :

    HDPE is suitable for many plastic molding methods. Blow molding  can be used for making various types of bottles, cans and  industrial tanks and barrels. Injection molding is used for making  various containers and goods of daily use, such as basins, barrels  and baskets and furniture. Extrusion molding is used for making  pipes, strapping tapes, fibers and single filaments and can also be  used for making wires & cables covering materials and synthetic  paper. After a large amount of inorganic filler is added, HDPE can  also be used as an alternative to timber and cardboards for making  calcium plastic packing containers, furniture, doors and windows.

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     Test Methods

    Color and black spotgranule


    SH/T 1541. 1-2019


    0. 3±fl.2


    GB/T 36^2.1-20 IS

    Density^ g/cm3



    Gfi/T W33. 2-2010

    TenwilQ stress at yield. MPa



    CB/T 1&40. 2-2006

    final tensile strain at break r %



    GB/T 1040, 2-2006

    Fleiural modulus . MPa



    GB/T 9341-3008

    Chirpy impact strengt.h


    GB/T 1043. 1-200B

    Env irunniental Stress

    Cracking (F50, 50"C, 100H),h




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    • HDPE injection molding grade has good balance of rigidity and toughness, good impact resistance and excellent of low temperatures resistance and good environmental stress crack resistanse. The resin has good rigidity and abrasion resistance, and good processability.
    • Polyethylene consists of hydrocarbon chains with the most basic component being the ethylene molecule, consisting of 2 carbon and 4 hydrogen atoms. When ethylene molecules are combined together in straight or branched chains, polyethylene is formed. This process involves splitting the double bond between the 2 carbon atoms and creating a free radical to join to the next ethylene molecule. The macromolecules are not covalently joined, but are held together in a crystalline structure through intermolecular forces. The lower the number of side branches, the lower the crystallinity and hence the higher the density as can be observed in the differing properties for differing types of polyethylene.
    • Thermoplastic matrix polymer composites have gained commercial success in the semistructural and structural applications. Polyethylene (PE) is one of the most versatile and widely used thermoplastics in the world because of its excellent properties like toughness, near-zero moisture absorption, excellent chemical inertness, low coefficient of friction, ease of processing and unusual electrical properties.

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