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    100% virgin ploymer resin inventory
    • 100% virgin ploymer resin inventory
    • 100% virgin ploymer resin inventory
    • 100% virgin ploymer resin inventory
    • 100% virgin ploymer resin inventory

    100% virgin ploymer resin inventory

    HS Code:3902100090


    Melt flow rate or Melt index:2-60



    Resins are typically viscous substances that convert into rigid polymers through a curing process. Resins are naturally occurring but are now often made synthetically. Some synthetic resins have similar properties to natural plant resins, but many are very different.

    Synthetic resins have several classes. Some are manufactured by the esterification of organic compounds. Some resins are more like thermosetting plastics in which the term "resin" is loosely applied to the reactant or product, or both. The term "resin" may be applied to one of two monomers in a copolymer, the other being called a "hardener.” For thermosetting plastics that only have one monomer, the sole monomer compound is called the "resin." For example, liquid methyl methacrylate is generally called the "resin" or "casting resin" when it’s in a liquid or viscous state before it polymerizes and "sets." The subsequent polymethyl methacrylate is often renamed acrylic glass or just acrylic. Some resins are also used in 3D printing; you can find out more about how they are used in our guide on how 3D printing works.

    Polyester Resins

    Polyester resins are formed from the reaction of dibasic organic acids and polyhydric alcohols. They are very flexible and have excellent resistance to heat, chemicals, and flame. They tend to be low cost. They are used for construction, laminate, auto-repair of fillers, skis, fishing rods, plane and ship components, coatings, decorative accessories, and bottles.

    You can ask PolyPvc for the types of polyster resins you need

    Polyethylene Resins

    Polyethylene resins are the most common type of resin, with over 100 million tons produced annually. They have strong chemical and steam or moisture resistance and a high degree of flexibility. They are used for packaging for laminates and films, containers, cable insulation, coatings, toys, molds, linings, and pipes and tubes.

    Please kindly send your inquiry to PolyPvc if you are interested in Polyethylene Resins

    Polypropylene Resins

    Polypropylene resins are a type of thermoplastic polymer resin that does not contain BPA. They are colorless and tasteless, with a low density and good heat resistance. They can be sterilized, so they're often used with medical equipment. Polypropylene resins also have good chemical resistance. They are used for toys, electronic components, pipe and production tubing, fibers and filaments, and coatings.

    Please kindly send your inquiry to PolyPvc if you are interested in Polypropylene Resins.

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    Specifications & Applications



    visual inspection



    Washing machine parts, auto parts,

    home appliance housings


    Processing conditions: Other

    Technical parameters:


    Test conditions (Statues)

    Test method



    Physical performance

    Melting flow index


    Q/SY DS0513



    tensile yield stress

    Q/SY DS 0515



    flexural modulus

    Q/SY DS 0515



    Mechanical Properties

    Izod impact strength  


    Q/SY DS 0517



    Izod impact strength


    Q/SY DS 0517



    Big grains and small grains

    SH/T 1541



    yellow index

    Q/SY DS 0514


    ash content

    GB/T 93456

    GB/T 9345



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