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    How to choose the right polypropylene grade for your application ?

    2022-08-02 17:11:27  News

    1. What is the Polymer additives?

    Polymer additives are essential components of plastic formulations, that provide maintenance and/or modification of polymer properties, performance, and long-term use. The extension of polymer properties by additives has been playing a substantial role in the growth of plastics, and many polymer applications are accessible only in the presence of a number of ingredients, often only in small quantities, in addition to the polymer itself.

    The range of polymer additives involved in plastics with different chemical structures for different purposes is very wide. They can be divided into additives that maintain polymer properties and those to extend polymer properties. In order to get the desired shape in practice, we will use the additives to help us to keep the materials from degradation by heat, oxidation, as well as mechanical and chemical attack mainly during processing and thus prevent the polymer chain and polymer molecular weight from change. And the second class of  additives will prolong the service life of plastic application, allow the use of plastic in additional or demanding applications. Some of the more commonly used additives include:


    2. Effect of additives

    ① Polymer properties retention:

    Antioxidants, Processing stabilizers, Heat stabilizers, Lubricants, Acid scavenger.

    ② Polymer properties extension

    Polymer properties extension, UV/light stabilizers, Antioxidants, Flame retardants,Pigments, Optical brighteners, Biocides / antimicrobials, Scavengers, Odorants, Conductive additives, Repellants, Markers, Foaming agents.

    ③ Modifying bulk/surface properties

    Antistatic, Nucleating agents, clarifiers, plasticizers, surface modifiers, slip/antiblocking, antifogging.

    ④ Modifying polymer structure

    Chain extenders, crosslinking/ coupling agents, compatibilizers, prodegradants.


    3. How to specify the polypropylene additives?

    In conclusion, polymer additives are diverse and versatility, they can enhance the properties of polypropylene or impart performance not normally present. The special additives must be selected using the prioritized list of application. The reason is  a negative effect on polypropylene processing or application properties will be brought by additive is the thing we must recognized, such as mold plateout, high water carryover, interference with colors or pigments etc.


    4. About Us

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