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    What is the role of FIBC? What are the classifications?

    2022-08-02 17:20:16  News

    1. The role of FIBC

    With the continuous development of the economy, the actual demand for bulk bags in the industry continues to increase, and its performance role is very prominent. Although bulk bags have been produced and used for decades, there are still some people who are ambiguous about what kind of protection the products packed in bulk bags can play. In fact, the bulk bag still has a great role, and there are many advantages, including the following:

    1. Long life, can be used repeatedly. bulk bags are made of high-strength materials, durable and reusable.

    2. It can greatly improve the loading and unloading power. It has large capacity, fast loading and unloading, and is more than ten times more efficient than conventional paper bag packaging.

    3. Can effectively maintain the product. The material of the bulk bag has the functions of rainproof and water-proof, and it can also be moisture-proof when placed outdoors after being filled.

    4. Packaging restrictions are large. The ton bag manufacturer pointed out that as long as it is a powder and granular product, the bulk bag can almost be packaged.

    5. It takes up less space. Empty bags are foldable, small in size, and large in full bags, saving space compared to small bags.

    6. Delivery lunch. There are special lifting rings on the bulk bag, which is convenient for lifting equipment, loading and unloading.

    FIBCs both protect products and facilitate loading, unloading and storage. Therefore, FIBCs are an economical and flexible shipping package for many products. Since the production process involves multiple filling methods, storage methods, loading and unloading methods, and different application areas, communication with bulk bag manufacturers is very important. Let's talk about the structure classification of bags in order to get a more accurate quotation from the bulk bag manufacturers.



    2. Classification of FIBC

    ① Circular woven FIBC bags

    A circular or tubular bag is a circular or tubular polypropylene base fabric woven with a circular loom, and then cut to the required size.Despite having a square top and bottom sewn to the bag, round woven bags still have a round/cylindrical filling. One advantage of a round woven bag is that it requires the least amount of stitches (top and bottom only). Possible downside: they don't hold their shape like other styles of bags.


    ② U-Panel FIBC bags

    Consists of three panels. One panel runs the entire length of the bag, forming a U, creating the bottom and two sides. The other two panels are sewn into the U shape to form the other two sides. The u-panel bag stays square when filled, especially if it has baffles.



    ③ Four panel FIBC bags

    It is an original polypropylene design, Four Panel Bulk Bags (FIBCs) with fabric separated along four seams, sewn together to construct the body of the bag as well as to stitch the top and bottom together. Four-board bags hold their shape better than other types of bags for stacking.


    ④ Conical FIBC bags

    Cone bags are specially designed to help drain the contents completely, such as brown sugar and premixed flour products. The conical shape of the bottom of the bag ensures quick and easy discharge of bulk bags.

    ⑥ Baffle FIBC bags

    Effective use of the storage capacity of the bag. Four rigid cross corner rings allow forklifts operators can pick up luggage without the need for additional staff. The baffle bag is ideal for light density products and can be more economical because it increases payload - larger panel widths allow 25%-30% more product in the corners. Another advantage is the increased stackability and the turning of all stitched edges to the outside, which reduces the potential for contamination.



    The bulk bag factory can accurately determine the processing cost according to these four structures, and it is easy to reveal the price, so for the user, knowing these structures can save the bag cost and transportation cost, and allow the factory to accurately understand your need.


     3. About Us

    As a professional FIBC bag manufacturer, we provide you with professional flxeible intermediate container solutions. At the same time, we also provide FIBC bag manufacturers with polypropylene raw materials, polypropylene textile fabrics and other bulk bag related materials. Dema Import and Export will provide you with cost-effective bulk bag and PP woven sacks with first-class quality and service. Welcome your inquiry.

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