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    What is the FIBC bag? Types of FIBCs

    2022-08-03 17:50:18  News

    1. What is the FIBC Bags ?

    A Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC), Jumbo, Bulk Bag, Super sack, Big Bag or Tonne Bag is an industrial container made of flexible fabric used to store and transport dry, fluid products such as sand, fertilizers, plastic pellets, etc.

    Sturdy and durable, beautiful and economical, easy to transport and store, weather resistance, moisture resistance and flame retardant, all these requirements for transportation packaging are almost met by ton bags. Big bags are usually sewn from polypropylene woven fabrics. Different fabrics can be selected according to different uses, and different colors can be customized. If it is used to hold fine chemicals, food, and other valuable products, in order to prevent pollution, moisture, and leakage, it is necessary to add a polyethylene lining to the ton bag.



    2. The FIBC bag types

    Usually people like to divide FIBC bags  into four types: A, B, C, D. The basis of this classification is divided according to the use of the ton bag, or it is confirmed according to the anti-static level of the fabric.The greatest use of this classification is to define the fire safety rating of bulk bags. When you are selecting bulk bags for your product, you can easily determine which class of bulk bags you need based on the fire rating requirements of the product.

    But I prefer to sort bulk bags by structure. When customers choose bags, they consider not only fire and anti-static problems, but also the structure of bags. The structure of the bulk bag is closely related to the loading and unloading process of the customer's goods, the transportation process of the customer's products, and the loading and unloading process of the truck. The bulk bag factory will quickly give a price when the structure of the bag is determined. Because the production of bulk bags is a tedious process, any increase or decrease in the process will affect the cost of the bulk bag.


    The main basis for classification according to the structure of bulk bags is to classify according to the shape of the bag. This classification allows bulk bag factories to quickly give prices. There are mainly the following 5 types:

    1.U panel bags

    2.Four panel bags

    3.Circular woven bags

    4.Conical bags

    5.Form-stable or Baffle bags

    3. About Us

    As a professional FIBC bag manufacturer, we provide you with professional flxeible intermediate container solutions. At the same time, we also provide FIBC bag manufacturers with polypropylene raw materials, polypropylene textile fabrics and other bulk bag related materials. Dema Import and Export will provide you with cost-effective jumbo bag and PP woven sacks with first-class quality and service. Welcome your inquiry.


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