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    PET CZ328 for Carbonated Drinking Bottles
    • PET CZ328 for Carbonated Drinking Bottles
    • PET CZ328 for Carbonated Drinking Bottles

    PET CZ328 for Carbonated Drinking Bottles

    Produce introduction

    PET is divided into fiber-grade polyester chips and non-fiber-grade polyester chips. 

    ① Fiber-grade polyester is used to make polyester short fiber and polyester filament, and is the raw material supplied to polyester fiber companies for processing fibers and related products. Polyester is the most produced variety of chemical fibers. 

    ② Non-fiber grade polyester is also used in bottles, films, etc., and is widely used in the packaging industry, electronic appliances, medical and health, construction, automobiles and other fields. Among them, packaging is the largest non-fiber application market for polyester, and it is also the fastest growing market for PET. Fast field.


    JADE PET CZ328 has the characteristics of low heavy metal content, low aldehyde content, good color value, stable viscosity, and good processability. Has barrier properties and excellent resistance to stress and cracking. It has good creep resistance, fatigue resistance, friction resistance and dimensional stability, low wear and high hardness, and has the largest toughness among thermoplastics. Non-toxic, weather-resistant, chemical-resistant, low water absorption, resistant to weak acids and organic solvents, but not resistant to hot water immersion or alkali.


    PET CZ328 can be used for blow molding products, polyester stretch bottles for packaging, such as carbonated drink bottles, soy sauce bottles, oil bottles, etc.

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