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    HDPE is a highly crystalline non-polar thermoplastic resin produced through the copolymerization of ethylene and a small amount of α-olefin monomer. HDPE is synthesized under low pressure and is therefore also called low-pressure polyethylene. HDPE is mainly a linear molecular structure and has little branching. It has a high degree of crystallization and high density. It can withstand high temperatures and has good rigidity and mechanical strength and anti-chemical corrosion. Sinopec produces a full grade of HDPE, which cover all fields of HDPE applications, including film, blow-molding, extrusion molding, injection molding, pipes, wire & cable and base material for producing chlorinated polyethylene.

    The development history of HDPE

    In this century, a revolutionary progress took place in the pipeline field, that is, "plastic instead of steel". As the leap progress of macromolecule material science and technology, the development of plastic pipe material uses deepens, the continuous improvement of production technology, plastic pipe shows its outstanding performance incisively and vividly. In today, plastic pipe material is no longer mistaken by people for metal pipe material "cheap substitute". In this revolution, polyethylene pipeline is favored, increasingly dazzling brilliance, widely used in gas transportation, water supply, sewage, agricultural irrigation, mining fine particles solid transportation, as well as oil fields, chemical and post and telecommunications and other fields, especially in gas transportation has been widely used. HDPE is a thermoplastic polyolefin produced by ethylene copolymerization. Although HDPE has been around since 1956, the plastic hasn't reached maturity yet. The universal material is also constantly developing new uses and markets.

    High density ethylene is an environmentally friendly material that can be recycled when heated to the melting point. Note that plastic raw materials can be divided into two main categories: "Thermoplastic" and "Thermosetting", "Thermosetting plastic" is heated to a certain temperature and becomes a solidified state, even if continued heating cannot change its state, therefore, the product with environmental protection problems are "Thermosetting plastic" products (such as tires), Are not "thermoplastic" products (e.g. plastic pallet note: pallet is called "plywood" in Hong Kong and Macau), so not all "plastic" is not environmentally friendly.

    Application of HDPE(High-density polyethylene)

    Film Grade

    Over the past eight years, Asia Pacific has been the largest consumer region for HDPE, increasing its market share from 33% to 44%. In the future, Asia will continue to grow strongly, while eastern Europe and the Middle East will continue to recover. The north American and Western European markets are growing again after falling prices. In the next few years, North America will create an amazing story beyond imagination.

    HDPE packaging film is mainly used for some molding processing products, including extrusion molding blow film, but also used for food packaging, grocery shopping bags, fertilizer lining film, bag, edible fungus packaging film, general industrial blow film garbage bags. In addition, there are composite film, can be used for food impermeable and thermal insulation packaging film.

    Blow Molding Grade

    HDPE blow-molding grade can be used for producing small- sized containers such as milk bottles, juice bottles, cosmetics bottles, artificial butter cans, gear oil barrels and auto lubricant barrels. It can also be used in the production of intermediate bulk-containers(IBC), large toys, floating matters and large and medium-sized containers such as packaging-use barrels.

    In recent years, IBC packing drums have grown rapidly abroad.The Annual growth of European market is about 8%~10%, and the rapid growth of American IBC barrel is about 20%.IBC barrel has the advantages of saving more than 30% transportation space, low transportation cost, convenient lifting, etc., which has been developing rapidly in China in recent years.  

    Finally, the rapid development of China's automobile industry has become the pillar industry of the national economy, and the market penetration rate of plastic fuel tank has reached more than 60%.  The demand for polyethylene special materials for automobile fuel tank and auto parts is very huge, but the concept of environmental protection is deep and the overall macro is not good, which is expected to limit the demand of large hollow industry to a certain extent.  

    Filament Grade

    The HDPE filament grade is suitable for making packaging film, nets, ropes and small and medium-sized containers.

    Injection Molding Grade

    HDPE injection-molding grade is used for making reusable containers, such as beer cases, beverage cases, food cases, vegetable cases and egg cases and can also be used for making plastic trays, goods containers, home appliances, daily goods use and thin-wall food containers. It can also be used in the production of industrial-use barrels, garbage bins and toys. Through the extrusion and compression molding process and injection molding, it can be used to produce the caps of purified water, mineral water, tea beverage and juice beverage bottles.

    Pipe Grade

    HDPE pipeline is mainly used for: municipal engineering water supply system, indoor water supply system of buildings, outdoor buried water supply system and buried water supply system of residential communities, factories, old pipeline repair, water treatment engineering pipeline system, garden, irrigation and other fields of industrial water pipes.  

    HDPE pipe is after PVC-U drainage pipe, has become the world's second largest consumption of plastic pipe variety.  Medium or high density polyethylene pipe of PE80 and PE100 grade should be used for conveying gas.  The water supply pipe usually uses PE80 and PE100 grade medium or high density polyethylene pipe, PE63 has been gradually phased out.  In terms of water delivery, the fastest growth is the PE100 pipeline system, which is expected to grow by more than 10% over the next five years.  In Europe, HDPE pipeline has been more rapid development and application, HDPE pipeline has gradually replaced the position of PVC-U pipeline, become the main consumer pipeline.  Meanwhile, HDPE tubes are increasingly being used outside Europe.  

    Wire & Cable Grade

    HDPE cable material products are mainly used for high-speed extrusion of communication cable sheath.


    HDPE geomembrane is (medium) high density polyethylene resin as raw material production of a waterproof barrier material.Are widely used in domestic waste landfill site seepage control, solid waste landfill anti-seepage, sewage treatment plant of seepage control, artificial anti-seepage, tailings disposal such as seepage control projects.  

    Base Resin for Chlorinated Polyethylen

    Chlorinated polyethylene base resin products are mainly used to produce chlorinated polyethylene resin.  As an excellent modifier or plasticizer of plastics and rubber, CHLORinated polyethylene has a wide range of applications in plastic doors and Windows, PVC pipes and plates, waterproof coils, anticorrosive coatings, electric wires and cables, magnetic materials, flame retardant hose, adhesive tape and ABS modification and other industrial fields.  

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