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    High density polyethylene 2911
    • High density polyethylene 2911
    • High density polyethylene 2911
    • High density polyethylene 2911

    High density polyethylene 2911

    HS code: 3902100090

    Melt flow rate: 19.5

    Grade: Injection molding grade

    Packing: 25KG/BAGS

    Brand:  Sinopec

    The rise of international crude oil undoubtedly also plays a role in the domestic energy and chemical market, the date of the market opening, internal LU fuel oil, thermal coal, fuel oil, crude oil futures main opening up more than 4%. Staple fiber, coke, no. 20 rubber (NR) rose more than 2%, liquefied gas rose more than 3%. Polypropylene, polyethylene, ethylene glycol and LPG all rose more than 1%.

    Supported by oil prices, the price of polyester double raw materials rose widely, and the cost side supported strongly. The price of polyester bottle chip factory increased by 150-300 yuan/ton. In addition, jiangyin area is affected by the epidemic control, sanfangxiang factory bottle chip resources are temporarily unavailable, the market circulation resources are increasingly tight, this increase is very violent in the near future!

    For some of the reasons for the rise in plastic prices, industry insiders said that the current release of sanctions against energy exports and the escalation of geopolitical conflict between Russia and Ukraine led to a shortage of energy supply, the production of related products declined, the supply of commodity market is tight, the cost of high step by step transmission will cause the rise in plastic prices. On the other hand, a number of domestic areas issued a white list of resumption of work and production, plastic enterprises are also quietly raising the price of products, in preparation for the coming downstream resumption of work and production, and hope for the recovery of downstream orders. Under the joint action of multiple internal and external factors, from leading enterprises to small and medium-sized enterprises, will set off a wave of price rises.

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    Trademark:   Kunlun
    Product name: High density polyethylene

    Implementation standard: provisional   standard

    Number:  FSYX/JL015.236 Specifications:   2911

    Color: White

    Analyze project

    Quality indicators

    inspection results

    Test method

    Granular appearance,Color chip,a/kg



    SH/T 1541.1-2019

    Melt flow rate ,   g/10min



    GB/T3682. 1-2018


    0. 9560. 964


    GB/T1033. 2

    Tensile yield stressMPa



    GB/T 1040. 2-2006

    Tensile fracture strain%



    GB/T 1040. 2-2006

    Impact strength of cylinder



    GB/T 1043. 1-2008




    Q/SY FHYX 1078-2018

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