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    Polypropylene raw material PPH-Y35X
    • Polypropylene raw material PPH-Y35X

    Polypropylene raw material PPH-Y35X

    HS code:


    Melt flow rate:

    39± g/10min


    Fiber level /Injection molding


    25 kg/bag



    Prospects and market demand of Y35X

    PH-Y35X has a good reputation and market in central China, meet the quality requirements of similar products of foreign companies, through the United States, Japan, South Korea, and the European Union, and other countries and regions of environmental health certification, PPH-Y35X does not contain plasticizer, organic tin, green environmental protection, with high orientation, low ash, high strength, spinnability, and other characteristics, Fill the gap in the domestic high-end non-woven application field, widely used in disposable operating clothes, absorbable sutures, diapers, female hygiene products, and other products production. The product has formed a mature production process, favored by downstream customers, broad market prospects.

    Y35X same grade of raw materials and uses

    Polypropylene medical infusion packaging materials B4902, B4908, high permeability polypropylene K4912, K4912R for syringes, and high flow polypropylene K4818, K4925, terpolymer polypropylene F5606Y, F5806Y, and other medical products. These products are widely used in the production of infusion bottles, infusion bags, syringes, medicine bottles, and other medical supplies.

    Yanshan petrochemical polypropylene B4908 and B4902 series products are developed for LVP. The series of products have different melt mass flow rates (MFR), which can meet the needs of various process routes for the production of infusion packaging. The product meets the requirements of pharmacological testing, is safe and non-toxic, suitable for long-term storage. With the increase of storage time, the number of particles in the solution does not change, and will not have adverse effects on the human body. The product also has the advantages of good heat resistance, high transparency, suitable fluidity, and high rigidity.

    PP Shanghai SECco S2040 melt-blown fabric. Shanghai SECco S2040 melt-blown fabric non-woven fabric. Application scope: polypropylene injection molding products, a large amount of general daily necessities are made of polypropylene, common products: Basin, bucket, furniture, film, woven bag, bottle cap, car bumper, TV, radio shell, electrical insulation material, anticorrosive pipe, plate, storage tank, flat wire, fiber, packaging film, air duct, washing machine frame and cover, refrigerator door liner, lawnmower, sprinkler.

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    Sinopec Luoyang Branch Product Quality Certificate


    Product name: polypropylene resin             Model No.: PPH-Y35X



    Standard Value


    Test Methods

    Melt mass-flow velocity of solution
    (MFR) g/10min

    30.0 ~44.0


    GB/T 3682. 1-2018

    Isotactic index, %



    GB/T 2412-2008

    Granular appearance:
    Black granules,                                                    
    color  granules  and  black  speckle granules /kg
    snakeskin granules and tail granules big granules and small granules



    SH/T 1541. 1-2019







    Ash content (mass fraction), mg/kg



    GB/T 9345. 1-2008

    Tensile properties                                      

    Tensile  fracture  nominal  strain (εtB),%
    Tensile yield Stress (MPa)  


    Tensile Fracture stress (MPa)


    Tensile elastic modulus (MPa)



    GB/T 1040. 2-2006







    Fisheye Fisheye≥0.8mm),pc / 1520cm2 Fisheye (0.4~0.8mm), pc / 1520cm2



    GB/T 6595-1986



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