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    What are the 4 types of PVC pipe ?

    2024-06-07 15:55:58  News

    PVC pipes are generally categorised into four: PVC-U (unplasticised PVC), C-PVC (chlorinated PVC), PVC-O (molecular oriented PVC) and modified PVC. PVC pipes are classified into different types based on their manufacturing process and characteristics. Besides sharing many of the same properties, each type of PVC has its own advantages for different applications.  Here are some additional details about these four types of PVC pipes:

    1. PVC-U (unplasticised PVC)

    PVC-U (Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride) is a type of PVC pipe that is rigid and strong. It is made by polymerizing vinyl chloride monomer without any plasticizers or other additives, which makes it less flexible but more durable and resistant to impact, chemicals, and corrosion. PVC-U pipes are commonly used in water supply networks, irrigation systems, sewage pipes, and drainage systems. They are also used in the construction industry for building and construction purposes such as window frames, door frames, and roofing materials. PVC-U pipes have various advantages such as low cost, easy installation, long life, low maintenance, and good insulation properties.

    2. PVC-C (chlorinated PVC)

    C-PVC (Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride) is a type of PVC pipe that has been treated with chlorine to make it more durable and resistant to heat. The process of adding chlorine to PVC results in a more stable material that can withstand higher temperatures and pressures than standard PVC-U. C-PVC pipes have several advantages, including higher mechanical strength, increased chemical resistance, and good flow characteristics. These properties make C-PVC pipes suitable for hot and cold water transport, industrial piping, chemical transport, and sprinkler systems. Additionally, C-PVC pipes are energy-efficient and cost-effective as they require less insulation material than other piping materials.


    3. PVC-O (molecular oriented PVC)

    PVC-O (molecular oriented PVC) is a type of PVC pipe that is manufactured using molecular orientation technology. This innovative process involves stretching the raw material PVC pipes to create more stable and stronger molecular bonds, resulting in a pipe that is tougher, more durable, and has a greater resistance to stress. The orientation process makes the PVC-O pipes better suited for high-pressure water supply systems, gas and oil transmission pipelines, and firefighting systems. Some of the advantages of PVC-O pipes include their high durability, low weight, high performance, improved hydraulic characteristics, and lower installation costs. Due to their high strength and low weight, they are often used in trenchless installation methods where for minimally invasive installations.

    4. Modified PVC

    Modified PVC pipe undergoes a modification process where additives are added to alter its properties. The modification process typically involves adding plasticizers, stabilizers or other additives to standard PVC(SG5) pipes which enhances its properties to a specific application. There are several types of modified PVC pipes available, and some of them are as follows:

    Foam Core PVC: This type of modified PVC pipe has a foam or honeycomb structure inside the pipe wall that makes it lightweight while maintaining its structural strength. It is commonly used in drainage and sewage systems.

    Electrical Conduit PVC: This type of modified PVC pipe is designed for use as electrical conduits and contains additives that make them resistant to flames, electricity, and impact.

    Antimicrobial PVC: These types of modified PVC pipes contain additives that inhibit bacterial, fungal, and other microbial growth. They are used in hospitals, laboratories, and other hygiene-sensitive environments.

    Low Lead or Lead-Free PVC: These modified PVC pipes have been modified by adding lower levels of lead or no lead at all. This modification makes them ideal for water supply systems.

    High Impact Resistant PVC: This is a modified PVC pipe that is stronger and more resistant to high impact. It is commonly used in areas with high foot or vehicular traffic.

    Modified PVC pipes are designed for various applications and have unique benefits and advantages associated with them. Modifications such as adding plasticizers, stabilizers or other additives enhance their properties, make them highly adaptable and suited to various purposes.

    PVC powder

    5. Price of PVC pipe

    The price of PVC pipe can vary depending on a few factors like the diameter, thickness, length, pressure rating, and the manufacturer. Other factors such as the location of the buyer and the quantity/volume purchased can also play a role in the pricing.

    Generally, smaller diameter and shorter length PVC pipes will be less expensive than larger diameter and longer length pipes. For example, a 1/2 inch diameter PVC pipe that is 10 feet long will typically cost less than a 2-inch diameter PVC pipe that is 20 feet long.

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