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    HP500N MFR12 Injection molding grade

    HP500N MFR12 Injection molding grade

    HS code:3902100090

    Melt flow rate:12± g/10min

    Grade:Injection molding grade




    PP homopolymer is widely used in the production of small electrical  household appliances, such as electric kettles, electric utensils,  electric irons, air heaters, electric hair dryers, electric toasters and  electric hand dryers.

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    China National Petroleum Corporation limited Dushanzi Petrochemical Branch
    Product quality inspection list
    Trademark: Kunlun
    Product name: High density polyethylene resin Batch Number: 20180911HDPE2052 Implementation standard: provisional standard
    Production   unit:   Dushanzi   Petrochemical   Company ethylene Plant
    Number: 20180911Hdpe2052 Specifications: TUB121N3000B Color: Black
    Production time: 2020-9-11
    Inspection time: 2020-9-16

    Analyze projectQuality indicatorsinspection resultsTest method
    Melt flow rate (5kg), g/10min0.30±0.060.30Q/SY DS 0507
    Density,kg/m³960±2959.8ISO 1183-2
    Tensile yield stress,MPa≥21.023.5Q/SY DS 0501
    Tensile fracture strain,%≥350760Q/SY DS 0501
    Impact strength of cylinder
    ≥22.027.2Q/SY DS 0503
    Carbon black dispersion, size
    ≤31.7Q/SY DS 0508
    Oxidation induction time (isothermal OIT) (210℃), min≥2077.7GB/T 19466.6-2009
    Carbon black content,%
    2.0-2.52.24GB 13021
    moisture,%measured0.024SH/T 1770-2010
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