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    POLYPVC is a professional plastic material supplier providing high-quality materials, including PP, PE, PVC, EVA, ABS, and also supplies bulk bag, woven fabric.

    • Random copolymer polypropylene PP-HP561R
      Polypropylene raw material HP561R Absorption & Filtration; Filament Yarn; Furniture & Buildings; Geotextile & Agriculture; Hygiene Nonwoven; Nonwovens; Wipes/Tissues
    • Polypropylene raw material 1102k
      Polypropylene 1102K is a general-purpose polypropylene material. It is biased towards polypropylene drawing material. It can also be used for film or injection molding. The main uses are: widely used in woven bags, (shading or covering) color stripe cloth, carpet backing (base cl...
    • Polyethylene granules
      Polyethylene or polythene (abbreviated PE; IUPAC name polyethene or poly(methylene)) is the most common plastic in use today.It is a polymer, primarily used for packaging (plastic bags, plastic films, geomembranes and containers including bottles, etc.). As of 2017, over 100 mill...
    • Polypropylene raw material K8003
      Polypropylene raw material K8003 can be used as engineering plastics, suitable for making TV sets, radio casings, electrical insulation materials, anti-corrosion pipes, plates, storage tanks, etc., and also for producing flat yarns, fibers, packaging films, etc.
    • Polyvinyl chloride resin PVC-S-700
      Polyvinyl chloride resin PVC-S-700 Used in the production of transparent sheets, packaging, rigid, plates, floor materials, lining hard films, which can be extruded into packaging rigid, profiled materials, and injection-molded pipe fittings
    • Polypropylene raw material PPH-MN70
      Polypropylene raw material PPH-MN70 is a high melting index homopolymer polypropylene resin produced by Sinopec’s ring pipe process. It has high crystallinity, high rigidity, high strength, high modulus, good heat deformation resistance and good transparency. Sex and other advant...
    • Polypropylene raw material PPH-Y26
      Polypropylene PPH-Y26(Z30S) is a homopolymerized polypropylene resin produced by sinopec circular pipe process, with low ash content, good spinnability and other advantages.
    • Raw material of polyethylene
      Polyethylene is by far the most common type of consumer plastic, and is used in many everyday materials. It is a thermoplastic product, meaning that it can be melted into a liquid and then cooled back into a solid, many times over. Different processing conditions give rise to dif...

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    • POLYPVC is a one stop plastic and chemical supplier with rich experiences in providing PP, PE, PVC, EVA, ABS raw materials, bulk bag and PP woven fabrics.
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